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I've written before about my love of Pinterest here.   It is an incredible source of inspiration and one of the best sources of "house porn".  But, like wide-angle shots of a teeny house, it can also be dangerous, especially for a designer.  My clients routinely will show me a room on Pinterest and say "I want a room that looks like this."  Here's the thing, folks: no one lives in a Pinterest room.  Those rooms straight out of Elle Decor, House & Home, Lonny, etc. are PERFECTLY styled to look like PERFECT people live there, but they don't.  Two seconds after the photo was taken someone sat on the sofa and left a butt-sized dent in it. Then they took off their sneakers and left them in a pile on floor which were then tripped over by a few kids who ran through leaving a trail of toys and mayhem in their wake. Real rooms look like real people live in them and that's just not fit to print.  

All that being said, in order to take the picture in the first place a beautiful room was created. And we looooove creating beautiful rooms.  

Beautiful rooms are layered.  In my favorite rooms you will see multiple textures, colors, materials, lighting, life, and art.  Below is an inspiration room recently given to me by a client that I've 'dissected'.


Room by Evolve Residential in Boston

Room by Evolve Residential in Boston

Here is just A LITTLE bit of what's in there.  I tried to keep this post from being too overwhelming so I limited this dissection to 15 parts.  

1. Big Bang Suspension Light  

2. Benjamin Moore Paint in Graphite

3. Art is an extremely personal thing to have in your home.  Never copy someone else's art choice unless it really speaks to you.  For the sake of this post I found this sketch on art.com.

4.  Twig Sconce by Global Views

5. Henry Sectional from West Elm

6. Velvet Pillow from Room & Board & Velvet Striped Pillow from Overstock

7. Annika Table Lamp by Mary McDonald

8. Side table by Worlds Away

9. Jute Rug from World Market

10. Winston Coffee Table by Worlds Away

11. Garden Stool

12. Singer Ottoman by Lily Pulitzer Home

13. Bertoia Bird Chair

14. Striped Swivel Chair (the original one in the photo is a custom velvet fabric, the velvet is one of the reasons this chair is such a standout.  This piece is the less expensive/more available option)

15. Jules Etagere by Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

The next stage of this room would include coffee table styling with books, bowl, etc., floral arrangements (note the white flowers on the side table next to the lamp in the original photo), a basket with more throw pillows or a throw blanket, and lots and lots of accessories on the etagere.    The key is to decorate whatever room you're working on in stages so as to avoid getting completely overwhelmed. 

Have a room that you want dissected?  Link to it in the comments and we'll see what we can do!

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