A clean slate

By Sara

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  One of my new years resolutions is to blog more.  Like most resolutions it has the potential to start off strong and then dissipate, but I'm really excited about this year for Gild & Wit.  Amy and I are living in the same city for the first time in 15 years (no joke!),  I am building my dream house for my family, and the Gild & Wit family is growing (Amy will blog about that news soon too).  These are exciting times and I can't wait to share more with all of you.  

Now, about that house...

Designing a house from start to finish is both completely exhilarating and entirely terrifying.  First, the exhilarating.  With an empty shell to work with you aren’t stuck designing for awkward corners or small weirdly shaped rooms.  Of course you do have to work around things like duct work and plumbing, but overall, the freedom is incredible.  This leads to the terrifying part. If an outlet is in the wrong place, a recessed light placement feels “off”, or you wish a door opened the other way it is all. your. fault

This brings me to what I’ve been working on in my house these past months.  What everyone loves about design is beautiful fabrics, wall coverings, tile, lighting and furniture.  But even the most beautiful pieces in the world won’t save a poorly designed floor plan.  Here’s how the project has gone so far.  We bought the house in June. YAY!  We were scrambling a few weeks later when some issues with our initial architect left us searching for a new one.  But, through the miracles of decisiveness and pure luck we had all floor plans completed AND permits submitted and approved by the end of August.   It is now January and our house looks like this. 


Okay, so it still requires a little bit of vision. See, a lot has happened in and those framed-out walls.  There are plumbing runs, all new HVAC, new electrical wiring, a basement dig out and newly poured concrete, steel beams in the ceiling allowing for wide open spaces in a not-so-wide row house, and new windows.  WOOT!  On the design end, door styles have been chosen, lighting plans completed, plumbing fixtures ordered, kitchen and bathroom cabinets designed and ordered, and tile patterns chosen. I have yet to order a single piece of furniture and yet have worked on this project every day.  It is truly a labor of love.

More to come as the walls are finished! I plan to share regular renovation progress so that I can share the process, vent my frustration, and have you become my sounding board.  I can’t wait to share!