Friday Finds!

by Sara

I'm trying something new here.  We'll see if it sticks.  If so, then this is the first rendition of Gild & Wit's Friday Finds!  A post where I get to show some of loot from recent shopping adventures for clients.  This week's adventure takes us on a trip to Homegoods (in reality, multiple Homegoods). For those of you not familiar with said store, it is TJMaxx's home store and it is AWESOME.  Like TJMaxx it is hit or miss, but some of their hits are absolute grand slams.   When I am in the finishing stages of a project for a client I always take a few trips to the store for great styling pieces.  Here are a few things that I found this week.  Enjoy my amateur iPhone photog skills.

Peacock mirror.  At Homegoods for $129, a similar one is available for full price here.  Would love to see it in an entryway or hallway as below (but without the doll)...

Blue leather Moroccan pouf.  $69 at Homegoods.  You can buy a similar one here.  I love these guys.  They belong everywhere but especially in living rooms and nurseries.

This hide was on clearance for $69.  Probably because he has a scar, but that just goes to show these are the real deal, folks.  You can get hides lot of places right now, but I loved this ones color.  His organic shape is perfect for an awkward space, like a tiny city apartment's dining area for instance. 

These barstools were $69 each.  Such a steal.  You can find the pricey version here.  I love the idea of them warming up a super stark, industrial kitchen. 


I'm really into chinoiserie decor right now.   This baby was $29.99 and he came home with me.  You can find a similar one here.  I am going style this on a bookshelf or use it as a vase.  


Anyone need an 8 foot tall giraffe?  My kiddos would loooove this.  If we ever leave our city condo, this will be in their playroom.

This rug was so colorful and fun I had to include it in this post.   It would be such a great foundation for an otherwise neutral/white space. 6x9 for $199.


And then there was this guy.  Real leather, walnut, and steel.  The original retail price on the tag was $9000.  The original HOMEGOODS price on the tag was $5000.  I couldn't leave this one behind.  He came home with me (actually, he will be delivered by people with a bigger car and stronger biceps in a few days time).  I have no idea where he will live yet as I have absolutely no room for him. Amy suggested I simply remove my entire kitchen in order to properly showcase the deal of the century. That is why she’s my design and business partner – brains of the operation.