Friday Finds: Happy Passover/Easter!

By Sara & Amy

This is a quick one folks.  Just wanted to say Happy Passover/Easter/Spring from our family to yours.  It felt unfair that half of our audience couldn't partake in the Boston Friday Finds last week, so this week we did it all online :)  Here are a few finds to make your holidays pop (and shine :).


round vase.jpg

Such a simple and pretty vase.  Has the whole round/circle of life/spring thing to it.  Would be beautiful as the centerpiece on any holiday table.  Glass Bubble Vase (on sale!) $19.99

Hello adorable cookie jar, love your gold ears.   Threshold Bunny Jar $19.99

Classic and simple but with that gold we love so much.  Pickard Seder Plate $249

This one works for both holidays!  Threshold Egg Platter $9.99

Because you're supposed to 'recline on pillows' at a passover seder.  Why not recline on a fabulous one! Luminous Dots Pillow $58