Gild & Wit East

Posted by Sara

As we all know from the BIG announcement on the blog a few months ago, Gild & Wit East is closing it's doors and moving to Chicago.   Before this happens (in a few short weeks) I wanted to write a little ditty about my amazing space in Boston.  Now I didn't always have a studio space here.  For a while this was a "home office" operation, but after the apocalyptic winter we had this past year, I needed a space to go to with less children and more quiet.  I was remarkably lucky to find a studio within walking distance of my house in the Boston Seaport neighborhood.  The studio is actually a sublease within the studio of the amazing Jill Rosenwald & Lawrence McRae.  A husband and wife ceramics team who I cannot say enough awesome things about.  Jill is a 'mama' figure - ironic because she looks about 25 - to many young artists, bloggers, designers, photographers, etc. in the Boston area. She offered Gild & Wit home and became my mentor.  Without being too mushy, let me just say that she is awesome personified and I can't imagine this past year without her.  She is also incredibly talented, check out her website.

Anyway, back to the studio.  I share my space with a photographer named Surabhi, who like me, is just getting started in the 'biz'.  I am so grateful that she offered to take pictures of my first ever studio space.  Pictures on my iphone can only show so much and this lady is super talented. Check Surabhi out, too.

So here it is folks.  A loft-ish space above a brewery that smells strongly of hops; my home for the past 4 months.  It's not a garage in the valley, but we've all got to start somewhere :)

For starters, there is a lot of white in there.  A perfect palate for my mood boards and reviewing fabric samples.  The original plan was to have multiple pinboards behind my desk on the wall, but as soon as I realized that the move was going to happen, I opted not to put holes in the wall.  Also, please ignore the wires.  This post is a little like 'stars without their makeup', raw and sans photoshop.

I love my wallpaper collage.  It changes often depending on what's fallen down the night before and my mood.

ugh.  I have a black thumb but I just can't stop buying plants

When I left my last job to start Gild & Wit, one of the physicians I worked with (and also my first paying design client) gave me that card.  "May you be happy always".  Indeed.

Those colorful boxes are filled with fabrics, wallpapers, finish samples, tiles, etc.  As you can see I am having trouble keeping the lids on them.  May be time to expand to some more colors...

Besides my computer this is the second most used object in the studio.  My pencil sharpener.  It's like 1986 in grade school at my desk.  I am all about the #2 pencil. 

A little message on my way out.

Thank you Boston for being an incredible place to start this adventure!