Bathroom Finishes

Posted by Sara

Last year I was on maternity leave.  Not being able to sit still and yet not move terrible quickly, I took the opportunity to re-do the bathrooms in my home.  Bathrooms are pretty easy to do if you're just looking for a quick update on a tight budget.  The spaces themselves were fine and functional, I didn't need to tear down any walls or even replace any tiles or permanent fixtures like toilets or cabinets, all of which were clean and made the best use of space.  But, the faucets, lighting fixtures, and mirrors were all "developer grade" (i.e. the cheapest stuff from from your local big box hardware store).  

When doing a bathroom there is a lot of metal to be considered.  Faucets, framed mirrors, showers, sconces - all have a metal finish.  But what to choose, what to choose...

I love brass in a bathroom.  It is instantly glamorous and special looking even when surrounded by simple tile and fixtures, but especially when done with a fabulous patterned tile.  


Chrome is clean and timeless and cool (literally, it has cool undertones).  It will never look dated and as an added bonus it stays clean looking longer and doesn't show fingerprints or water spots as much as nickel.


Nickel is beautiful and modern.  Brushed nickel has a matte finish that is sleek looking, but much harder to keep clean than chrome and shows finger prints and water spots.  That being said, it is still used all the time because it immediately makes a room look modern with it's lovely warm undertones.


Bronze is an underused gem.  When it does make an appearance it immediately adds graphic pop to a room.  It is a great contrast to white that you often see in bathrooms.


So what did I choose for my bathrooms?  Stay tuned for the big bathroom reveal!


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