Posted by Sara

Remember the deal of the century from this post?  Well as much as I loved Amy's idea of taking out our kitchen to highlight it, my husband wouldn't let me.  Something about ruining resale value...blah blah.  Anyway, I ended up making a home for it in our master bedroom at unit 101.

My master in 101 was fairly large.  Easily fit a queen sized bed, 3 huge ikea Pax wardrobes, a dresser, and the midcentury loveseat.  When I designed this room my husband asked me to please keep the "stuff" to a minimum.  He said he wanted an "ocean of tranquility" and so that's what I tried to create for him.  Bedrooms are super important.  If you don't have a relaxing place to wind down at the end of the night, you won't get that great night sleep, you will feel cranky and frown and inevitably get wrinkles.  Or something.  

The first thing I did in designing the room was choose a soothing wall color.  The rest of our home was bright white except for an accent wall in our kitchen so I decided this was the one room I could paint entirely.  I chose Benjamin Moore's Grey Owl, a warm but still neutral gray.  I love this color.  It transformed the room and seemed to subtly change color as the light changed throughout the day.  

After the paint I found some super simple furniture from Ikea.  There are times to invest in special keep forever pieces and there are times to get thee to Ikea. This was one of those times we knew that this setup would be temporary; our plan was to upgrade to a king-sized bed in our next home.  The bed we selected was white and birch wood and included much needed storage.  It was also solid wood which was a great bonus considering most Ikea furniture is constructed out of particle board. 

After paint and furniture, we just needed a rug, art and styling.  I took my husband's request for an ocean seriously and found two beautiful photographs of the water. I then had them framed on a large scale to seem as though you are looking through a window onto the waves. Finding a 9x12 rug at a reasonable price point is no small feat but I was able to get this rug in a 9'6" x 12'10" size for under $500.  It is super soft and was just the neutral foundation for the room I was looking for. I found a lamp on clearance at Jonathan Adler in beautiful blue-gray tones that also reminded me of ocean waves and then I styled very minimally from there.  I included only what we needed on the bedside tables and a touch of art and whimsy on my husband's dresser.  Neutral bedding and soft lighting on our bedside tables finished the space. 


My husband's grandfather built this dresser.   It will be in all of our bedrooms forever.

My husband's grandfather built this dresser.   It will be in all of our bedrooms forever.

I love this bedroom.   Such a sweet retreat.