Posted by Sara

By now you've read my post about bathroom metals (hi, mom).  As I mentioned there, designers will typically tell you to pick a finish and stick to it throughout a bathroom.  It's easier that way. But here at Gild & Wit we are bad-to-the-bone rule breakers and I wanted my room to be a mix of pieces that I loved, not just pieces that matched.  

So what metal finish did I choose? Drum roll, please...

All of them.

The mirrors in my master bath are brushed nickel.  Faucets are brushed nickel as well.  Medicine cabinet is a mirrored chrome.  Sconces are bronze and brass.  And my accessories are a mix of brass, chrome, wood, and marble. I went crazy.

I love it.  It screams "I'm a rebel!" as much as a bathroom possibly can.   


Here are a few of my other favorite spaces with mixed metals.

mixing metals 2.jpg

Special thanks to Surabhi at Third Eye Chic for taking the photos.  And keep an eye out, I'll be posting more pictures of my South Boston home soon!