By Sara

Okay, this post has been a long time coming.  Like a VERY long time.  I am re-emerging from a winter hibernation with both house and personal news.  Added to the list of rooms to design and blog about is a new nursery.  Already 7 months along now if all goes well this little lady will be joining us in October.  We are all very excited. This also continues the tradition of us doing too many major things at once.   Other examples of this chaos are when my husband  finished and defended his PhD dissertation a week before our wedding, when we bought a condo and moved 2 weeks before our daughter's birth, and when my husband sold his company a few days before our son was born.  Keeps us on our toes.

So, back to the house! Its tagged as #LPRenovation on Facebook and Instagram though I haven't posted nearly as much as I should.  There's only so many pictures of partially finished walls and tile one can look at.  But we have reached the point when lighting is going in, plumbing fixtures are being installed, millwork, trim and paint is happening and sooooon I will get to add some of the finishing touches like wallpaper, furniture, and window treatments.   This 7 month belly is making me super nesty but I'm trying not to rush into any decisions. Design takes time and sometimes finding that perfect piece takes longer than I'd like, but it's all worth it in the end.

The first floor took a lot of space planning.  When you're renovating you have to try and imagine how you are going to use the space.  This was especially difficult for us because we've only lived on one floor before and now we'd be living on 4 narrow floors with a lot of stairs in between. 

Here's where we are (apologies for the poor quality iphone photos).  We're actually a bit further now than the pictures show but it takes me forever to get these up.  Below you see the cut out for the front doors but they're actually in now!  This is the view looking forward from the back of the living room.

Below is the view looking to the back of the house from that same spot.  There will be a custom built-in bar in that niche on the left. The kitchen will be in the middle of the house with the stairs off to the right.  This was my attempt to get everyone to use the entire first floor.  People typically congregate in the kitchen and adjacent rooms, so my hope was that by putting the kitchen in the middle of the first floor we would be just as likely to use the front of the house as the back.  By having the basement open to the kitchen we can yell to the kids to come up for dinner and hear them playing downstairs. Fingers crossed that this all goes according to plan!

This is our little addition.  Its just a small space but it allowed us a fireplace, a wall of windows for tons of natural light (they face directly west) and a mudroom/closet.  That niche on the left is for firewood because my husband insisted on a wood-burning fireplace.  I assume this means he plans on cleaning said wood-burning fireplace, too.

Here is that addition from the backyard this winter when they were building it.  You see it added a small room off the back of the house, and a roof deck off the second floor master bedroom.

Can't wait to show you more soon!