By Sara

We are headed to Nantucket to visit our dearest friends in a few weeks and I'm getting so excited.  I am thrilled to be heading back to New England for a bit  and it's reminding me how much I loved our home in Boston.  

I've showed you guys the master bedroom, master bathroom and built-ins from the loft in previous blog posts.  Now I'll show you the living area.  It's impossible to break up the living area into separate rooms (living room, dining room, kitchen, entry).  They are all one.  Loft living at it's finest.


When you walk through our front door you find yourself standing in the middle of our kitchen.  I tried to define the space as an entryway with a great Herman Miller bench and coat hooks from anthropologie.

That's the kid's bedroom (post coming) next to the entryway bench.

Our HUGE kitchen island.  This is the only space besides our master bedroom that has a color on the wall.

Those two chairs were a craigslist find from years ago.  My husband is so proud of them.  $175 for the pair.  And how about the Fiddle Leaf Fig?!  It's the only plant I've managed to keep alive for any significant amount of time.  The person who bought our place actually bought the plant as well. 

Across from the Island is my husband's grandfather's hutch.  Next to it is the kid's bathroom.

Close up of the dining room/game area behind the living room.

Standing at the built-ins looking toward the master bedroom.

The art above the TV.  I put a shelf there to show off some meaningful artwork and the awesome original columns from the old spice factory.  The spotlights highlight the impeccable plaster work done there. 

My husband is a music fiend.  The rest of his guitar collection is in storage.  We're going to need a bigger wall...

The view from the Piano.  Staring toward the built-ins with the kitchen to the right. 

Thank you for revisiting with me.  I miss it terribly, but am so excited to be designing a new home for my family!