Yay Fall! (Officially Plaid Season)

Posted by Amy

True love transcends all obstacles: time, distance and airlines. Sara and I know this because we have been in perfect best friend love since elementary school. We now live in a wonderful city just, sadly, not the same city. I’m in Chicago, she’s in Boston. Long distance is no reason to give up on a relationship. We make it work with endless texts, phone calls, trips back and forth. Somehow our husbands understand or at least accept that ours is a love that shall not be denied.

In order to kick off Gild & Wit the right way, I flew out to Boston. After taking care of some business, we got to enjoy a gorgeous fall weekend. New England has got this whole autumn thing down pat. The leaves were turning, the air was crisp, cobblestones were shining in the sun. The Boston PD declared it an actual crime to walk down the street without a cup of hot spiced cider. It’s true. I would not lie.

Our elementary school beginnings and this perfect autumn weekend are the inspiration for Gild & Wit’s first design post. No better way to go back to school than with supersoft plaid, vintage Pendleton, and nerdy prints. Plus, a fluffy rug to bury your toes in while sipping your legally mandated hot cider.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Masinissa Hand Knotted Rug

  2. Paulette Rollo Lambswool Throw  

  3. Blue Art Studio "Eye Exam" Poster

  4. Vityaz Soviet Desk Clock

  5. Old Fashioned Globes

  6. Vintage Midcentury Chair with Pendleton Cushion

  7. Thirty Drawer Oak Library Card Catalog File      


I’m pretty obsessed with everything on that moodboard. It doesn’t quite capture my overwhelming love of plaid, though. Common design sense says you can’t vomit plaid all over every surface of a room so instead, I leave you with a few more fabulous finds. I also leave you with a burning question: If old Scottish families have proprietary clan tartans, can I too have a signature plaid? Just for me.

Schoolhouse Electric Lenox Bench  Typically I'd try not to post two items from the same source but obvi, I had no choice.  Also, wallpaper.

Schoolhouse Electric Lenox Bench Typically I'd try not to post two items from the same source but obvi, I had no choice.  Also, wallpaper.

Vivienne Westwood "Fire" Rug   I can say no more.  Ms Westwood kills me.

Vivienne Westwood "Fire" Rug I can say no more.  Ms Westwood kills me.

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