I am Sara Fred Hoffman and Gild & Wit Interiors is my interior design firm.  I live in the Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Park (by way of Sweden, Oak Park, Atlanta, and Boston) with my husband and 3 kids.   You will find style influences from the places I have lived in the work that I do.   I feel that real life is the best inspiration and real experiences are the best school.  

I began my design career organically as a kid when my parents let me have free reign over my room and furniture.  They learned the hard way that giving me that freedom meant  I wouldn't think twice about decoupage-ing a family heirloom. Eventually I left home and would design and consult for everyone  from friends for their college dorm rooms to my parents' friend's homes.   As an adult I freelanced in design while I spent my days in Health Care.   Soon I found that my love for design, which once filled my nights and weekends was spilling into my work days too.  Eventually I left my desk job entirely and started working for a designer in Boston.  

Finally,  fueled by my passion for people, design and a growing client base, I went legit.  Here we are all these years later.   I have worked on projects of all sizes from full house gut renovations to studio apartment furniture plans. 

Gild & Wit's philosophies are simple.

I believe good design should be for all people and all budgets.  Form and function must coexist equally to create the best interiors and a little bit of wit and whimsy make it home.